Poverty Is A Liar! Sauti Sol’s Bien Mesmerized By How He Lived In Abject Penury

From Poverty to Buffness: Bien

From Poverty to Buffness: Bien

Sauti Sol’s humble beginning will definitely put a smile on your face. These guys came a long way to build their empire.

The hustle is real! Someone said life is a long queue, before you reach your seventh heaven you pass through a lot.

Sauti Sol may be having that superstar look that everyone is desperately trying to ape. But a trip down the memory lane will reveal a different story altogether. Bet they wouldn’t even inspire a primary school pupil with such a look.

Before the fame and money, they used to spot a funny look that even surprises Bien himself. Upon seeing their archaic photo, the tall chap burst into laughter.

He couldn’t believe how money had completely transformed them into pop icons.

“Smh Poverty is a bastard. This was actually Sauti, we were not yet called Sauti Sol. This picture represents everything we have ever struggled for.” Wrote Bien.

Source: Ghafla.co.ke

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