VIDEO ALERT: John Falsetto – (Sam Smith’s) Stay With Me (Cover) aka Stay With Me, Mbira Version

The Mbira is a unique but underrated instrument with roots in Southern and East African countries. Known to some as a thumb piano, it consists of staggered metal pieces attached to a wooden board and it is sometimes encased in a wooden resonator. It is known by different names in different regions of Africa where it is common. “Mbira” is the preferred Shona (Zimbabwe) term. Here, one John falsetto, a Zimbabwean musician based in Luton, made it his instrument of choice to cover Sam smith’s hit song, “Stay With Me”. The young multi-talented musician thus, made the song his own by adding this unusual dimension. Shall I say, he African-ised the sad love anthem, originally performed by arguably Britain’s most celebrated contemporary artist. Sam Smith certainly needs to hear this one. Check the video out below;

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