Trevor Noah To Take Over At The Daily Show On 28 September

The new sheriff will be in town  very soon, and yes, we now have a designated date when comedian Trevor Noah will be taking over Comedy Central and US late night television’s highest throne of ‘news and humour’. It has been announced that the South African comedian will be replacing veteran comedian and current host of The Tonight Show Jon Stewart on 28 September 2015. Noah was originally announced as the upcoming new anchor of the show a couple of months ago, after appearing a few times on the show as a contributor. The comedian who made his name from  delivering witty humour via his stand-up sets is probably the first non-white African to make a crossover of this magnitude as far as international broadcasting is concerned.

Being on the show will give Trevor the opportunity to interview some of the big names in politics and the celebrity world. Previous guests on the show include US President Barack Obama, former UK prime ministers Gordon Brown and Tony Blair.

Check out the promo/teaser for Trevor Noah’s imminent The Daily Show takeover.

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