VIDEO ALERT: Alikiba: Chekecha Cheketua

Tanzanian Bongo Flava and Afro-pop star Alikiba has a new summer offering for 2015 and beyond, his latest song “Chekecha Cheketua”. The song is Alikiba’s 2nd official smash hit release through his worldwide exclusive partnership with his record label and management company ‘ROCKSTAR4000’ and publishing partnership with ‘Rockstar Publishing’.

The song has that original Bongo Flava sound that the artist identifies with, with xylophone sounds in the background accompanied with a high-tempo Afro-pop beat. Alikiba uses his unique voice to add melody and flavour to the sound with the catchy chorus going “….chekecha, chekecha, chekecha, chekecha, cheketua”. The lyrics are in Swahili, but that doesn’t make the song unenjoyable to those who do not understand the language. It definitely has that contemporary vibe and a confusingly happy nostalgic feel to it. To sum it all up, the song is fantastic.

The video too, directed by Meji Alabi (@mejialabi) and JM Films (@JM_FilmsTV), is very engaging. Based in an old-school township setting, it is full of happy people who are showing off old and improved dance moves, and some cool new ones.

Check the video out below;

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