VIDEO ALERT: Degeorge ft. Shawty RP – “Money In The Bank”

One of the UK’s freshest Nigerian acts Degeorge debuts his brand new video “Money In The Bank” featuring female diva rapper Shawty RP.

Degeorge confessed thet he stepped out of his Afrocentric musical zone with this one and of course it is a really good achievement. With a quasi-hip-hop heavy beat, it is nothing short of something you would hear out of New York, Atlanta or LA studios. Degeorge, does it justice with an oscillating tone to his voice through the song, from smooth to gritty. The repetitive chorus featuring words from track’s title “…money in the bank” and the words “We gon’ fight to the end” will definitely get you more motivated to keep hustling and “stacking the paper”. Shawty RP brought her female feistiness to the song, with her strong bars and she probably gave the ladies more reasons to rate the song.

Twerking and ash-shaking is not the only thing that could get the video associated with the common themes of American rappers’ videos, but also the use of Rolls Royce Phantoms and other fancy cars, street styled fancy clothing and graffiti scenes. It is equally a tune for party goers and hustlers as it is for young students and kids who just enjoy music and like to have fun.

Degeorge has promised us more to come in 2015.

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