Young Ghanaian Artist Delasi Plans To Launch Album In Artistic Style In Berlin, Germany

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Like any exploration this #ThoughtJourney has taken this traveler to paths less walked. On his #ThoughtJourney we meet Passion, Betrayal, Denial, Aggression, Sorrow, Love and Curiosity.
Our traveler is honest in his portrayal of Life and he invites us along for this #ThoughtJourney
Come meet Delasi and Lee Bass for this Rendezvous of Kindred Spirits on 23 July 2015 at 20.00
See you at Wilma, Badstrasse 38/39 Hinterhaus, 13357 Wedding, Berlin
Says the invitation to Delasi’s album launch.
Based on his unique style, delivery and versatility, shown through his past releases such as “Where Do We Go” and “Afemakpor”, we can only advice you to expect alternative artistry, some story telling and other musical surprises from the young musician. Check out his biography below to learn more about him.

About Delasi
Delasi is a down to earth concerned citizen of Ghana, a committed friend of the environment, a visionary who believes in sharing his dreams of a better world and he is the Soul God.

Delasi developed love for music at a very young age with a lot of influence from his parents’ countless collection of records. His passion for music knows no bounds, as this is what gives him the greatest joy. Delasi’s sound has a fusion of R&B, Soul and Hip-hop. This conscious crooner has the ability of sweeping people off their feet, drawing his audiences in when they hear him perform live. These days he’s venturing into new experiments with Afrobeats, Pop and some Dubstep. His music is generally political and talks about societal issues from the poverty stricken in society to the corrupt governments not doing their jobs. He also speaks about several other issues addressing the everyday man, relationships and matters of the heart.

Being a student of the fine arts, Delasi explores his talents not only through music but also poetry, illustration, playwriting and acting. He has not only appeared onCiti FM’s Writer’s Project, but has performed at the Ehalakasa Talk Party, Alliance Francaise, Dubois Center, Nubuke Foundation, Goethe Institute and Chale Wote Street Arts Festival. The most memorable performance to date is the Rufus Green in the Park where he opened for and performed on the same stage as Koo Nimoand George Darko, two highlife greats.

After an appearance at the World Poetry Day event held at the Pan African Writers Association (PAWA) House, The Accra Mail, a local newspaper publication described Delasi’s single ‘Where Do We Go’ as a ‘painful wail from a young man who even at his tender age seemed to have had a fair share of Weltschmerz’.

It goes on to add that his ‘rap about corruption, the lack of direction and the lack of ideas on how to move a nation forward by its rulers was hard to take but somehow you did not want him to stop’. The video for this song was rated number 7 on Star Africa’s top 49 songs of 2013 (see link below).

Delasi is very optimistic about the future looking forward to it with the kind of prophetic eye that has governed his writing. As a conscious singer, he believes Life is simply not about gathering wealth and riches. ‘The only fulfillment one can truly have in this world is in giving back to the world. I have been blessed with these gifts that I have to account for, and I wish to better society by sharing my talents through the messages and observations I relay’.

Delasi has made this personal philosophy manifest in workshops where he works with kids to bring the joy of music into their lives. He hosted two workshops in Jamestown at the Chale Wote Street Arts Festival 2013 and since then he was the manager for the ‘Unheard ‘’Voices’ 2014 project where kids from Jamestown and Laterbiokorshie were taught how to write and perform songs. . He plans hosting more workshops in the future as well as getting some musical tuition for some of the kids.

Delasi is also an activist and friend of the Earth and has joined the Ghana Youth Environmental Movement (GYEM) in a protest against the mining of coal in Ghana. The movement is continuously battling with the Ghanaian government and Delasi plans of doing music and video campaigns to support them.

Delasi – Afemakpor

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