VIDEO ALERT: John Falsetto – Papaoutai (Cover)|John Brilliantly Uses The Mbira To Give Listeners A Different Experience

So far, Rwandese-Belgian hip-hop/electro musician Stromae has managed to garner nearly 300 million views for his hit single “Papaoutai”. Since it’s release, the song has been covered in different forms by several artists and broadcast on online platforms such as Youtube, but no cover has sounded more interesting to us than this one by UK-based Zimbabwean up and coming artist John Falsetto. The young man used his Mbira instrument to give listeners a different experience of the beautiful song. John shows off his skill with his instrument and his ability in the video of the cover. Although he only uses a bridge from the song, you can feel the music and appreciate his ingenuity as he merges the musical elements of the mbira with the sounds of the pop jam. To make the listen even more worth the while, John skillfully ad-libs the cover into a good 2 and half minutes performance. He did a great job, in our view, especially on the recital of the lyrics, considering that he doesn’t speak French, to which he personally confessed to us with the words “I dont speak a word of french”. Below is the video of the “Papaoutai” cover;

The Lyrics used are shown below;

Où est ton papa ?
Dis-moi où est ton papa ?
Sans même devoir lui parler
Il sait ce qui ne va pas
Ah sacré papa
Dis-moi où es-tu caché ?
Ça doit, faire au moins mille fois que j’ai
Compté mes doigts

Credit: Stromae.

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