Trevor Noah Makes ‘Daily Show’ Debut – Continues the War on Bulls**t

Poking fun at the pope’s visit to the USA, at US House of Congress Speaker John Boehner‘s resignation  and declaring that the war against bulllsh**t continues were some of the highlights from Trevor Noah’s debut at the hot seat of the biggest American satirical news show, ‘The Daily Show’. The South African brought the crowd to the edge of their seats with punchlines such as “everyone at the house (US House of Congress) has AIDS”, well meaning ‘aides’. He also got them laughing out loud with statements such as “a job Americans rejected is now being done by an immigrant” in a comical take of how the decision was made for him to become the new host of the prime time late night show.

Trevor also used his first appearance as host on the show to thank and praise his predecessor Jon Stewart, stating that “he was more than just a late night host, he was often our voice, our refuge, and in many ways our political dad” before cheekily pointing out that Jon’s departure has made him the de facto step-dad. From the videos we saw, his first show seemed warm, fun and lively. However, there were mixed reviews from various reports by mainstream media, with some being harsh at him for stuff such as his interview with Kevin Hart, with the Guardian saying it was not “clear yet is if he (Trevor) can be off-the-cuff funny” as “his first interview, with the comic and actor Kevin Hart, was mostly Mr. Hart energetically holding forth and Mr. Noah laughing.“. Cumon!, cut Trevor some slack, he is only starting and as well as we know him, he is always full of surprises. Things will only get better. Watch the video below for some of what Trevor had to offer.

Congratulations Trevor, we look forward to watching many more episodes of “The Daily Show”, now that you are on it.


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