Afrika Fest Proves to be a Big Entertainment Event, But Fails to Evenly Represent a Large Part of Africa

Eddy Kenzo and Mampi were meant to be on the show, promoters say they did their bit but the artists still failed to show up

Kansiime Twerking
We have failed to understand why the new African diaspora annual event ‘Afrika Fest’ is called as such, because from what we experienced and observed, it is more of an East African, if not in particular, a Ugandan event. Anyway, without totally going on an assault of the event, we would like to give credit to the organisers for putting together such a lovely treat for African people living in UK and managing to almost please the London/UK African crowd.

We arrived soon after the end of the performances from the early curtain raisers into an almost empty Troxy-London hall, at around 9pm. The reception was however warm and the venue rightly exuded the aura of an African get together, with two food stalls serving African food and two bars either side of the spacious ground floor/standing area of the arena, one main-stage and an upper seated/VIP area, there was nothing you else you could ask for venue wise. As we listened to the DJ play some afrobeats songs, we tried the £10 a plate African cuisine on one side of the hall and it was not disappointing at all.

Following our little feast we went on to witness a couple of other acts perform onstage with co-host Nancy Muga making us aware of who they were and what they represented. That line-up consisted of, Hyper Hype with his eccentric performance, Kuklee with his motown/RnB swagga and Sister Slave with her ‘Sweet Mango’ vibe. There was yet another musical interlude where the DJ played everything Afrobeats, from Ugandan tunes, to Zimbabwean and Nigeria. The venue did not fill up still, but the small crowd that was there was very hype.

TV presenter Pauline Long was ushered onto the stage to introduce the one and only, Kansiime Anne, after a few words she did the thing and nearly everyone went beserk. Kansiime did not disappoint as she came in with an expected, wicked and wild entrance, dancing to Eddy Kenzo’s Sitya Loss. She mesmerised the crowd with her witty humour before asserting that the night had just begun and it was going to be loaded with non-stop entertainment.

Kansiime’s announcement was followed by a great performance from Mc Moseh aka Maama’s Boy, who charmed the crowd with his soulful tunes. Kansiime was soon back, after Moseh’s performance, she again engaged with the crowd for a little bit, and then introduced her director (Don’t Mess With Kansiime Director) Cotilda Inapo, who equally brought the comedy game to the Afrika Fest crowd. She was on point until the moment when she recycled a joke about Ugandans being dodgy when it comes to screaming in a crowd, a joke Kansiime had already shared. Everything went downhill from there, with her ending up getting boos from the crowd. She managed to escape with an introduction to Zimbabwean rapper Sniper. The only non-East African peformer of the night, Sniper came on-stage and did what he was paid to do, although his set was not well understood by many in the crowd. Burundian Jean Pierre aka Kidumu then followed with his smooth and silky sounds. The crowd obviously went into a frenzy from beginning to end and there were calls for encores before he left the stage.

Iryn Namubiru _1

Iryn Namubiru and patron dancing

Iryn Namubiru came on to close the show with her wonderful display and unique sex appeal. She was unsurprisingly offered gifts of money by many patrons over her nearly one hour set. A lot of people seemed happy but some expressed disappointment in not seeing a lot of their cause to come to their even came onstage to try and get his brand atoned for that mishap. He blamed the artists for not honouring their promise while insisting that himself and his crew did all they could to make sure all was in place for the artists to attend the event. The crowd did not appreciate any of that and responded with boos and demands for ‘refund’.

Above all, it looked like it was a happy and peaceful event and event which left a lot of patrons refreshed.

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