VIDEO ALERT: Ozonna – Believe It To See It

Born in Nigeria, raised in London, UK and now based in the USA is non other than Ozonna, the man who possesses the voice that invites critics to use the seemingly antonymous words, velvet and and silk to describe it. The man chose to use that voice to nicely lay some lyrics on a moving beat for the tune “Believe It To See It”. Listening to it from the beginning, there is no reason why one would not be taken to a land far far away, only to be brought back to reality 3 minutes and 6 seconds later, therefore being forced by the inner feeling to rewind, over and over again.

The video for the song is equality hypnotic, the director took everyone to happy old Africa, with scenes that portray the life of the Zulu people, it’s simplicity, the whole aura of sunset, play and joy. It is a completely cool concept and we think the video is going to go far. Watch it below, and be one of the few to catch it early.

As a performer, Ozonna has, according to his websire, performed ‘through London opening for the likes of Chrystal Fighters, Kyla La Grange, We Have Band, and Alice Gold.’

Date: 04/11/15

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