The Black African Women Rock Awards 2015 Totally Rocked

BAWRIt’s not very often when you hear Swahili, Yoruba, Ghichewa, Shona, Ndebele, Zulu and other African languages being spoken under one roof in London. Don’t get us wrong, London is a very multi-cultural city, if not a melting pot, and several African cultures are a part of the mix, but to bring these people together to celebrate their achievements is not an easy task. The organisers for the Black African Women Rock (BAWR) awards managed to do just that once again this year.

The BAWR Awards 2015 were held on 28 November at the beautiful and elegant Antoinette Hotel, Kingston, Surrey ,UK. From the list of nominees to the audience, the BAWR Awards 2015 was an all inclusive event. The organisers managed to gather the names of outstanding African women and African diaspoora women across the UK. Amongst the nominees were Businesswoman of the Year – Perpertual Chikuyo-  Marikopo for her Healthcare agency. Perpetual who is of Zimbabwean descent, at collecting her award explained how her business came about, the hole in the market herself and her partners filled and above all expressed gratitude of the support her kids and colleague’s kids had and continue to give them along the way, to the loud applause of the kids who were present.

Speakers came from various spectrum of industry and society. Ruth Mutanda, an advocate for the fight against abuse of women spoke about her experience in the hands of an abusive husband, her subsequent escape and the formation of her charity Ruth For Women. Temi Koleowo, the keynote speaker and spoke strongly about the need for African business people in the diaspora and in particular in the UK to trade amongst each other like other successful communities doPrimrose Makuzwa, a lawyer by trade, spoke about her experience from migrating from Zimbabwe to the UK in the early noughties to training as lawyer and becoming a solicitor. Her speech was more motivational and centred around breaking barriers and encouraging Africans to help each other on many fronts for the purpose of integrating and succeeding in the UK society.

The atmosphere was made vibrant by the uplifting speeches but also by the music played during the breaks, with DJ Mel on the decks. There were some live performances, one by young songstress Da Sweetnezz another by gifted gospel songstress Fiona Yorke. Hostesses Chi Dawn Ziyambe and Empress Trish.


Fiona Yorke

The food was decent for the price of the ticket. It was only a shame that patrons had not been given options for the 3-course meal dinner. If you wanted to a souvenir home, there were stalls in the foyer area of the venue. All in all, it was an amazing treat and a fitting celebration of black African women’s achievements.

2015 Black African Women Rock Winners

Outstanding woman of the year – Imambay Kamara

Pageant of the year – Miss Pride Of Africa UK

Young Woman Achiever Award – Julia Bwoma

Fashion Designer Award – Folaji Fasaya- Omoyeni

Social and Humanitarian Award – Josephine Mudzingwa Siziba

Young Inspirational Award – Paida Mutupo

Lifetime Achiever Award – Muzvare Betty Makoni

Businesswoman of the Year – Perpertual Chikuyo-  Marikopo

Event of the year – Africa Unite Gospel

People’s Choice Award – Yvonne Yvette

Community Champion Award – Juliana Jonathan

Author/Writer of the year – Ibiola Adebayo

Media Person of the year – Empress Trisha

Leadership in Women Empowerment – Tola ‘WiseTola’ Onigbanjo

Female Artist Of the year – Patience Khanyile

Special recognition Award 2015 – Ava Brown

Photos from the event.

Da Sweetnezz Performing

Da Sweetnezz Performing

The Trophies

The Trophies


Media Person Of The Year: Empress Trisha


Goodies On Sale


Party Time



Outstanding Woman Of The Year: Imambay Kamara


Founder: Lindani Moyo

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