Trevor Noah To Host Bill Clinton On The Daily Show

It will be Noah’s first time hosting a former President on the show since he took over from Jon Stewart in September 2015

It may not be big news to some but seeing an African man interview a former US President on a show under his own name is not a feat that occurs everyday. Since Trevor Noah assumed the host’s seat on Comedy Central’s The Daily Show, he has hosted/interviewed several names including entertainers such as Ice Cube, Jerry Seinfield, Ben Stiller, Sacha Baron Cohen and huge media personalities such as Arianna Huffington and Katie Couric. He has also hosted politicians from either side of the divide in US politics, which include Democrats – Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Bill de Blasio, Howard Dean and and Republican – Ben Carson. Thursday’s (15 September) guest however is no ordinary politician, he is indeed the former president of the United States, President Bill Clinton. Mr Clinton also happens to be the husband of the presidential candidate and potential first female US President, Hillary Rodham Clinton.

The announcement of what is to be Bill’s tenth Daily Show guest appearance and first time with Trevor Noah was announced by Comedy Central on Tuesday. According to comedy hype the last time Clinton shared a seat with a black comedian was back in 1992 on the Arsenio Hall Show.


Bill Clinton on the Arsenio Hall Show – Photo Source Comedy Hype

The former President also seems to be covering for his wife on the campaign trail by making several media appearances in her absence. Hillary was taken ill late last week after being diagnosed with pneumonia. She faces Donald Trump in a fiercely contested election scheduled for Tuesday, November 8, 2016.

Last Updated:14/09/2016

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