VIDEO ALERT: Yemi Alade – Tumbum

Ladies, do not fight against each other when you find out a man has been cheating with one of your friends/colleagues. That is exactly the lesson Queen of Afrobeats Yemi Alade is trying to convey through the video of her new song “Tumbum”. Sounds familiar? Yes, a similar concept was brought out in her last major international hit “Johnny”. Yemi appears to want to hammer the message home to those ladies who tend to take it out on each other when a man cheats with one of them. Although we do not condone violence, we still wonder why some women continue with this approach instead of teaming up and taking it out on the main culprit, the man who knowingly cheated. Anyway, although the concept in the song “Tumbum” might have a similar fiery style and pattern to “Johnny” and the video kind of with the same orientation it’s still has a different twist to it. Please check the video out below; it’s definitely fun to watch.

Again, we do not condone violence.


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