Q&A ALERT: Trevor Noah Interviews Barack Obama For The Daily Show – (UPDATED)

This is arguably the biggest one for Trevor and another cross-off on his target achievements list. Though we believe the two have never met, the interview set looked more like a catch-up meeting between 2 long lost relatives.

When Trevor Noah went on a stand up comedy career path, I do not think he ever anticipated becoming a prime time US TV show host and let alone host a sitting American president on that show. Well the South African has done just that. On his comedy laced news show, Trevor Noah has hosted/interviewed several big names in the past including entertainers such as Ice Cube, Jerry Seinfield, Ben Stiller, Sacha Baron Cohen and huge media personalities such as Arianna Huffington and Katie Couric. He has also hosted politicians from either side of the divide in US politics, which include Democrats – Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Bill de Blasio, Howard Dean and and Republican – Ben Carson. To top it all up, he went on to host former US President Bill Clinton, who is also husband to then Democratic presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton.

However, last night’s interview is arguably the biggest one so far for Trevor and most probably another cross-off on his target achievements list. I mean who else is there up on high other than a sitting and first black head of state of the most powerful country in the world – Oprah? Putin? Mugabe? Kim Jong Un? God? Well regardless of who you may see as the next big thing to Barack Obama you need to watch his interview with Trevor below and here his take on the recent elections, Russia’s influence, racism and other interesting stuff. Unfortunately it was at the White House and not The Daily Show studios in front of a cheering crowd. Whatever the location, we like how the two looked like father and son or shall we say uncle and nephew who had met in years and were trying to catch up. Watch it;

(APOLOGIES: The full video is not available due to copyright issues). Please watch the preview clip below

Last Updated: 14/12/2016 @19:13

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