We founded diaspoRAW.net over a few years ago when we spotted that there was a lack of notable media houses that progressively, positively and actively covered African music, art, film and culture. At the time there was also a lack of African international mainstream musical acts and acts of many other different art-forms, who were proudly African and loudly proclaiming their African roots and/or affiliation. Africans were consuming more of Western pop and the same could not be said about the West’s consumption of African pop. There were a few outstanding stars such as Senegalese/American Akon and Somalian-Canadian K’Naan. Some others were beginning to sprout, such as Zimbabwean born UK singer Gamu Nhengu who was hot on the heels of wowing the UK X-Factor judges and the now world famous Ghanaian British artist Fuse ODG, whose career, at the time was beginning to get a vibe from his R.W.A.N.D.A. anthem.


We formed diaspoRAW.net with the intention of covering the African diaspora after observing how much raw and uncut African talent there was, and yet it was not being exposed quite well, or being acknowledged and promoted. The aim for us was to report, review and analyse outstanding African music, art, literature, films, fashion, social events e.t.c. in order to bring exposure to the raw talent that Africa has and also to highlight that which had already been exposed. We planned to overlook skin colour, gender, sexual orientation among other differences in our publications, in order to profile the aspects of unity and equality that the majority of Africa boasts of. So, if anyone who is talented and is African born or if they consider Africa to be their home or show close affinity to the continent, they are the very people that we have and are still willing to showcase/work with.

We fundamentally begun with a large focus on Africans living in the diaspora as they are the ones living closer to the corridors of international markets and media, especially those in Europe and North America where a talented individual can easily get exposure to the likes of Hollywood and/or big international distribution companies, hence the name diaspoRAW. Raw talent living in the diaspora. However, we have previously (and will do more do in the future), expanded onto individuals living in Africa and doing it, potentially and currently, such as Sarkodie from Ghana, South African Delazy and Nigerians D’Banj and P-Square.


We are willing to accept video links from African affiliated artists and individuals who do other acts. We are also willing to work with beauty pageants, authors, award, fashion and stage show organisers. If you feel that your act, organisation or idea fits in the scope of our website but is not mentioned above, please feel free to get in touch at administrator@diasporaw.net or simply use one of our contact forms.


We are very progressive, straight forward and innovative. We always aim to provide our readers with well written (where it applies) and accurate information.

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