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Choir gives central Illinois’ African immigrants a place to feel like home

In an upstairs back lounge at the Southern Illinois University School of Medicine, members of the African Ensemble of Central Illinois begin to filter in for a rehearsal before a performance for Black History Month. It’s a looser affair. The drums and a keyboard have yet to be set up, so the singing is a […]

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Nelson Mandela Is No More

It is with sadness that we here at diaspoRAW.net are announcing  that one of our heroes and key torch bearers Nelson Mandela  had passed away. Mandela who has been ill and bed-ridden for the past about one year or so, is no more. That is the news according from current South African president Jacob Zuma. […]

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South Africa township voices ‘still thanking Papa Madiba’

Johannesburg (CNN) — At sunset, the smell of food simmering in dozens of pots starts to fill the air on 15th Avenue. Soon after, as if summoned by the aroma of meat and spices, a steady stream of cars starts rolling in, pulling up to the food stalls and carts where local women armed with […]

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