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VIDEO ALERT: South Sudanese Musical Duo, Acholi Machon Is Spreading The Sweet Sounds From Their Young Nation

They are billed to perform at this year’s WOMAD festival in the UK and they are raring to go. Their name is Acholi Machon (Old Acholi) and they are a musical duo from South Sudan. They play the likembe (mbira), an acoustic thumb piano and they are looking forward to i. According to Sophie Ikenye […]

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VIDEO ALERT: John Falsetto – (Sam Smith’s) Stay With Me (Cover) aka Stay With Me, Mbira Version

The Mbira is a unique but underrated instrument with roots in Southern and East African countries. Known to some as a thumb piano, it consists of staggered metal pieces attached to a wooden board and it is sometimes encased in a wooden resonator. It is known by different names in different regions of Africa where […]

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Grammy Winner Chris Berry ‘Drums’ up some Passion in New Zealand

Grammy award winning singer songwriter Chris Berry who lives to the drum of his own beat after feeling “the pull” of African music, has dedicated his career to helping others feel what he feels. Invited to Palmerston North (New Zealand) by musician and teacher Jennifer Moss, Berry will be holding a two day workshop, sharing […]

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Broadway Show Blends Circus Acts, African Performing Arts

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — “Circus Der Sinne” mixes modern circus acts with traditional African dance and music. The show is running on Broadway through Jan. 5. “Mother Africa is basically bringing Africa to New York,” one of the show’s stars, Theresa Makaita Muteta, told CBS 2′s Jessica Schneider in an interview Sunday morning. “We have […]

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Thirty Minutes with Oliver Mtukudzi

On July 23rd, the legendary Oliver Mtukudzi and his group The Black Spirits were my invited guests on Music Time in Africa. They’re on tour promoting Sarawoga, Oliver’s 61st album to date. I met the whole band as it rolled into the VOA headquarters parking lot. But Oliver entered the building alone, just he and […]

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Chiwoniso Maraire Obituary: Guardian UK

Zimbabwean singer, songwriter and master of the mbira, a thumb piano traditionally used by male musicians The Zimbabwean musician Chiwoniso Maraire, better known as Chiwoniso or simply Chi, has died of suspected pneumonia aged 37. Chiwoniso was a singer and songwriter, and one of the country’s best-known exponents of the mbira, the traditional thumb piano, […]

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